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BitdefenderBitdefender Anti-Virus

No computer can be 100% safe from the potential threats on the internet, but having Anti-Virus software installed is essential if you’re to reduce the risk of your machine becoming compromised.

Contrary to popular belief, this does include Apple Mac computers too… the days of “security by obscurity” are over, as there are now enough users of Apple operating systems that this previously ignored group of users are now a target, just like their PC using counterparts.

Ridea Technology can supply the award-winning ‘Bitdefender Endpoint Anti-Virus’ software for both Windows and Apple OSX/MacOS, which is a ‘business-class’ product, suitable for use on Desktop PC’s, Laptops and Servers.

For £24.00 a year or £2.50 per month, per machine, you get an outstanding security product, providing you with a layer of defence against the evils of the internet.

Bitdefender - Outstanding Protection