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Printers & Copiers

If you do a lot of printing, using many of the devices you can buy from consumer supply sources, can prove to be expensive to run, even if the initial purchase price was fairly low.  Likewise, though many Multi-Function Devices seem like a great deal in the beginning, if you have anything more than light usage, you can quickly find the cost of inks and maintenance mounts up and makes that seemingly good value Printer/Copier, something of a liability.

There is a better option; RIDEA Technology can assist you with finding a solution that will give you the most effective way of obtaining high quality prints, at sensible costs.  This can include ongoing maintenance for the device and easy access to the consumables you need to maintain the output you want.  Installation and basic training with the use of the device is included, along with after-sales support, to help ensure you can take your print and copy needs for granted and focus on what’s important to you.