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VHS to DVD Transfer

VHS was a fantastic technology, in it’s day, but it’s now been replaced by much higher quality options, such as DVD, BluRay and even recordings that don’t require a disc, tape or other such media.  However, those memories you have stored away on VHS tape can be moved over to a more modern and accessible format and Ridea Technology can help with doing so.

VHS Video Tape

If you’ve got a stash of now inaccessible VHS tapes tucked away in the bottom of your wardrobe or in the attic, you can get them copied to DVD/BluRay or to a USB storage device, so you can enjoy them again and even share them with family and friends.

Cost depends of what needs to be transferred, but a whole tape can be transferred to a digital format for just £9.00, plus cost of USB media, if you haven’t got one already or DVD/BluRay disc @ £1.50p each copy (inc. case and labelling for disc).  If you have lots of tapes or need specific parts of tapes, cost will be based on hourly rate of £30 p/h.

Please note – VHS video and audio quality is significantly inferior to modern formats.  Though the video will move into the digital world, the original image and sound quality will remain, as per the source tape media.  It’s very retro, you know :)

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